WatchMyHealth: The Sure Fire Way to Safeguard Your Health

    Why is it important to have a lifetime personal health record?

    You may be seeing many doctors for your health care. For common problems you may rely on your family doctor near your home while there may be others who you consult when your regular doctor is away. If you have a specific problem, you may be seeing a specialist in a hospital. If you have more than one problem, you may need to see different specialists either in the same hospital or in different hospitals. When you are on a holiday or are traveling officially, you may be forced to go to entirely new doctors or hospitals in a strange part of the world. As a result of all these, your health data are stored in different locations and may be fragmented and incomplete in a given place. However, it is important, wherever you get treated, that your doctors have access to the same, complete information on your health - as otherwise the decisions that they make may fail to consider some vital information and might go wrong - sometimes seriously. The solution for this is to maintain one's own Lifetime Personal Health Record (PHR) that can provide the doctor with all one's relevant health data via the internet, email or as a printed copy. This is what the WatchMyHealth Personal Health Record aims to do for you.

    The value of a health finding diminishes when viewed in isolation. Every bit of information concerning your health that arises at any time in your life should not be left separate and orphaned (even if it is normal), but should be entered in its rightful place in your lifetime personal health record so that your doctor can evaluate it in the context of its previous values and other important data that are correlated with it. This is possible only if you maintain your complete PHR. A complete health checkup report - no matter how accurate and sophisticated the laboratory is - will be of limited use if it is not evaluated against the whole record of information that has accumulated in the patient's lifetime. WatchMyHealth aspires to collect, organize and maintain your complete health information and ensure that doctors do not take decisions based on bits and pieces of information, but are always provided with a holistic perspective of how your health has evolved through your lifetime to reach its current state.

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